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Brilliantly designed educational art you'll love putting up


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Learning at home never looked so good.



 Have you ever noticed how kids just soak up what’s around them? It’s amazing how quickly they become little experts on a subject. We believe if we surround our children with the right material they will naturally take hold of it and thrive.


I’ve spent 20 years teaching primary school aged children. It’s a passion of mine. We all want the best for our kids and I'm as keen as the next Mum to give my kids a helping hand. I’d read studies suggestion education may have swung too far towards learning through problem solving at the expense of good old fashioned rote learning. The memorisation of basic facts is still important in the development of our children's cognitive abilities.


So I went looking for posters to help with my children's learning, but all I could find were badly designed and didn’t appeal to either myself or my children. Perhaps more importantly, they were not educationally correct with unhelpful letter forms and layouts.


This became my mission. Provide the world with educationally correct posters that appealed to me as much as my kids. From there, Smart Art was born. 



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Smart Art Education posters are a fantastic school fundraiser.



There’s a lot on the market aiming to deliver much needed funds to schools. However, not many products fit so hand in glove with the wider educational aspirations of a school. Unlike flogging chocolate, socks or a night at the movies - schools can push Smart Art with integrity as it delivers value in two directions at once.


EASY AS 1,2,3

We aim to make things easy for you. A seamless ordering and delivery system, marketing material that helps you sell the product well. And perhaps most importantly, enthusiastic support and communication with Smart Art throughout the process.



We understand this only works if schools do well out of it. We are passionate and committed to getting kids learning so we offer special school pricing as a way to enable getting more learning posters into homes. We offer schools a whopping 40% take on every sale, that’s higher than most of our competitors.



Everyone loves our posters. We get comments all the time. So why not encourage people to think ahead, purchase multiples as gifts for friends and family. Everyone wins.


Get in touch for details on how a Smart Art fundraising programme could work for your school.