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Getting your kids to write

March 27, 2017

Some kids naturally love writing and find all sorts of places to write on.

I just found my son's handiwork on the bunk bed - nothing like permanent marker on furniture.


Here's some ways to encourage your child to write at home

- Lists are great as they are quick, get straight to sounding out and can be illustrated easily. Get them to write a shopping, present, what they would like for dinner list. Make it into a competition how many animals, colours, sports can they write in 1 min.

- Use a different medium other pen or pencil. Try chalk, felts, glitter pens -  get the whole stationery drawer out. Other ideas include water and a paintbrush outside for sight words and single letters. Chalk on the trampoline or bathtub has been a favourite of my kids.

- Treasure the end result - For children to see themselves as a writer they must see that their writing is read and valued. Put up their writing, read it out at the dinner table, laminate it, buy or make books or notebooks, make the books into a collection, encourage a prequel or sequel.

- Change the format - Storyboarding is a excellent way for kids to plan their ideas visually with notes and then it can lead into an i pad animatic or movie. Extremely motivating particularly for boys.

- Passing notes - When sitting around in waiting rooms, I encourage writing conversations. Rather than talking, every child gets a piece of paper (have used  receipts successfully) and a pen and we write and pass notes to each other. It's surprising how much writing your child can write while waiting for the doctor. Bonus is that the kids are quiet during a naturally boring time.

- Challenges - try writing a story the length of their bedroom, the house. By making obscure dares, enthusiasm builds and children are naturally up for the challenge.



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