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3 ways capital letters are used incorrectly when teaching children to write, read and spell

April 19, 2017



In the search for quality educational products for my children to support their learning at home, I was constantly hit with a barrage of capital letters. Alphabet posters were the worst offenders and flash cards of basic words were a close second.




Using capital letters to teach alphabet and sight words are very unhelpful. It is best for children to learn lower case letters first then move onto capital letters. Words in books are never written in caps unless someone is shouting. So why was everyone yelling at me and the kids to learn this word or letter.



Parents are generally the worst offenders for writing in capitals. Their intentions are so well meaning. Often they feel by writing in capitals that their writing is neater and easier for their children to read. One common error is to teach the child to recognise their name in capital letters. While we may label their clothes for daycare/kindergarten in the vain hope of these lost items being returned to us,  it's best to write your child's name with an initial capital. An easy mistake and easily remedied. 



Spelling lists are often written or given with the first letter has a capital. Now it is totally true sometimes the first letter does a capital letter. Firstly when it is the beginning of a sentence and secondly when it is name of something. Sometimes the problem is the computer, because the list is typed on the computer each time the person hits enter a capital letter appears. 


Punctuation is precise so let’s turn the volume down and use capital letters correctly.

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