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8 ways to get your kid back into reading once the magic has gone.

June 8, 2017


All kids are super proud of themselves when they first learn to read by themselves. Graded texts that are based on a colour wheel or numbered  by difficulty naturally promote children to want to get to the next level. As a child progresses through school the reading bands widen and this can be one reason that kids stop reading for pleasure and some start to find reading a chore.


Here are some ideas to kick start reading in your family again


  1. Start up the Karaoke – While some of lyrics to songs can be slightly questionable, karaoke offers a great way to engage kids to read. Knowing the chorus is a stepping stone to trying to sing the verses. Often if they like singing the song they were sing it again and again, which is a bonus as their confidence increases. Try  Sing King Karaoke on youtube  https://www.youtube.com/user/singkingkaraoke


  2. Subtitles On  – Set up the movie with English subtitles on. While some kids may complain that it is annoying, their brains will naturally read along with it. A great way to encourage speed, chunking and increase the understanding of the movie.                                                         

  3. Embrace the illustrated - If reading a block of text is putting your youngster off, graphic novels break up the narration of the story and focus more on the dialogue and action. There is such a range on offer at your local library or available online. Check out this list for some inspiration. http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/5038.Best_Graphic_Novels_for_Children                    

  4. Time challenge – Set a timer for 10 mins to make reading bite size. Turn into a challenge – How many pages can you read in a set time? Check out this cool bookmark that is also a timer here https://www.amazon.com/Mark-My-Time-7000156-Digital-Bookmark-Purple/dp/B000CC6H5S                                                                                              

  5. Step up the technology – Regardless of your feelings on technology, breaking up reading time with an e-book on an iPad, kindle or other will kickstart reading again in your family for sure.               

  6. Read the book, see the movie – Use a carrot and stick approach to get your kids reading and reward them with a trip to the movies or rent it at home.                                                        

  7. Change the genre – Kids are motivated to read when the subject matter appeals. I have one child that only reads cookbook, so that is what she stocks up on the library.                                

  8. Model the change you want to see - seems simple but make sure your children see you reading. Such a positive image and great role modelling.




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