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How to sneak Maths into life when a kid hates Maths.

June 14, 2017

One of my children absolutely hates Maths and as soon as he figures out I am trying to sneak Maths into the conversation he will change the topic.


Here are some proven activities that will engage the most resistant of Mathematicians.


Fitness Trackers

These are an excellent way to get your child reading numbers in the thousands and beyond. As steps increase, the numbers increase which is the natural scaffolding that some kids need to gain confidence reading bigger numbers. Kids naturally ask each other how many steps they have done and so this offers oral opportunities for children to process the numbers orally. Click here for an article on good options of fitness trackers for children.



There are lots of games that offer Maths opportunities but I think Yahtzee offers maximum Maths skills in the shortest amount of time. The skills being promoted here are pattern recognition of the dice, adding, ordering, totalling and multiplying. Unlike Monopoly, it's an easy game to come back to if life gets in the way. Yahtzee is now an app. Click here to see it.


Clever Kash

 I recently set up a bank account at this bank just for this product alone. Clever Kash is a cashless money box that teaches children about money and promotes saving. The best part of it is that once you have selected how much pocket money your child gets, they can swipe the coins or notes to make the total. Very interactive and engaging. Click here to see an introduction of this product from the ASB.


1 min tests

If children know something is going to last for 1 minute, they can cope. This is a very simple idea. They have 1 min to complete as many questions as they can. The test is scored and the number of correct answers is entered on a home made leader board. I have added to this a cash prize as an incentive (bribery!) for once they have reached a certain goal number. 



Baking is a great way to get children using fractions and scales. When cooking, get children to use the 1 cup measure to do all the baking with. This helps children to make the connection of what a quarter, two thirds, one and half cups etc looks like rather than using the specific measuring cups for each. This also results in less dishes!



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