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It may be the holidays but we can still squeeze some learning in

July 4, 2017


It's the Northern Hemisphere summer holidays at the moment and the end of term holidays in lots of countries in the Southern Hemisphere. While it's great for kids to have break from the day in day out school and out of school activities, it's also a good time to try a little bit of home learning.


Reading, basic facts and spelling feature on many weekly homework sheets. But let's be honest sometimes they get overlooked. Here are some learning ideas to put into the holidays that are quick and fun.



Organise a book swap. If other kids recommend books to your kids, there is more chance they will read it and persevere with the book.


Visit a second hand bookshop or a garage sale and pick up a bargain or a classic.


Change the genre - try comics, information books, online books. Or watch the movie then read the book.


Here is a cool way to read on a hot day. Fan forts - love it!




Basic facts and Spelling


Online programmes such as Mathletics, Study Ladder, Spelling Stars and others offer so much great learning online. Set a challenge to complete a set amount of tasks in the holidays.


Play board games that have include Maths and Spelling such as Monopoly, Yahtzee, Snakes and Ladders, Bananagrams and Boogle. For more Maths boards games click here  or Spelling games click here.

Try a new skill and have some fun.


The beauty of internet is there is a tutorial about everything. Encourage your child to see if they can learn something new in the holidays. Try making a souffle, create a marble track or create a show. The world is your oyster!


Inside fun


Here is a cool thing to do if the weather is yuck. Create a whole set to create a play and video it. You could even upload it to your youtube channel or send the video to their grandparents. 



Outdoor fun

Try this and your house could be the ultimate place in the neighbourhood to hang out this summer!


Enjoy the holidays!








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